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JT front and rear chain sprockets

JT front and rear chain sprockets


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The JT motorcycle sprockets' factory is today the largest and most advanced in the world. It is fully equipped with high accuracy machinery, including the latest generation of CNC computer design and computer controlled metal cutting equipment. JT is producing a full range of sprockets for the aftermarket as well as for the OEM.


JT technology
The essence of a high quality sprocket is in the high precision of manufacturing and the inherent quality of the material. Through accurate machining and by using only the best grade of C45 High Carbon steel for rear sprockets and SCM415 Chromoly steel alloy for front sprockets, JT ensures Maximum Durability performance for both Drive chain and sprockets.

JT manufactures sprockets the right way, by hobbing, machining and drilling. This is the only proven way to achieve the closest of tolerances and the best teeth profiles. Heat treated and hand finished to perfection, all JT sprockets meet or exceed the highest possible quality standards set for the motorcycle industry. Each sprocket goes through up to 25 production stages and 10 individual quality controls checks before it is ready to leave the factory.

Range and references

JT designs and produces 12 million sprockets a year for all makes and models of motorcycles. The current range is over 2500 types of steel or 7075T6 aluminium alloy and many items combine two or more different fittings into one sprocket.

With large stocks always kept at the JT distribution centers in London, UK and Atlanta, USA ready for immediate delivery and an international network of leading distributors in over 50 countries, JT sprockets offer you a superior quality product and service that cannot be surpassed worldwide.

Steel sprockets

JT Steel Sprockets are manufactured using only the finest grade of C49 high carbon steel for the rear sprockets, and SCM420 chromoly steel alloy for the front sprockets. The JT Steel Sprockets range now contains over 2,500 parts for all motorcycles and ATVs.


Aluminium Racing Rear Sprockets

Made from advanced aviation-grade 7075-T6 aluminium alloy, optimal lightweight design and CNC machined for performance and lifespan! All aluminium MX rear racing sprockets are manufactured from the best materials with a special self-cleaning design, and hand-finished to perfection.


Self-Cleaning Steel Front Sprockets

JT Racing

JT Sprockets are used worldwide by Road, Endurance and Motocross race teams. All depend on excellent quality and a wide range of gear ratios. JT Sprockets offer both!

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